Bluetomato are working hard behind the scenes to be as innovative, skilled and original as the artists we represent. We are adopting the turn of phrase ‘you saw it first at Bluetomato!’.  This is due to the belief that you will see other galleries adopt our visual tools both virtually (digital media) and physically at the art fairs. We the first last year to use instant Polariod-esk film for our price labels at art fairs, expect to see it elsewhere soon. Blue tomato is all about the detail, we aim to be worlds most fore-thinking gallery and one of the most visited. We are in the process of appointing another team member who will look after this blog section, coordinating with our artists to bring you exclusive insights to their live’s and new works strait from the studio. It will be very much fly on the wall reporting, expect mobile up-loads, spelling mistakes (most of our artists are dyslexic), raw, uncut and real.

Watch this space, coming soon in 2014.

The stand on which we first employed the instant file idea.